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Universities are Checked into Social Media

Universities Are Checked In to Social Media

Do you follow your college sports teams on Twitter? Facebook? Do you even know if they have a
presence on social networks? It’s OK if you’re still in the dark. You haven’t missed your chance.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve noticed that college athletic departments have jumped on board with
social media. Bravo to them, because with student bodies and alumni bases full of tech-savvy and social
media-frenzied individuals, they’d otherwise be missing out on a big opportunity to reach fans.

Take Arizona State University for example. No, it’s not a coincidence that Neil, the author of this blog,
went to ASU. Full disclosure: I also went to the best university in the world, and it’s debatable as to
which one of us is a better and bigger fan. Anyway, ASU has a robust social media presence, including
several Twitter and Facebook accounts, both athletic and non-athletic. Arizona State Sun Devils/
@sparkyarizonast are personal favorites of mine, as the feeds seem to function 24/7 with breaking
scores, news and highlights about ASU teams and athletes. Just the other day Athletics also utilized
Facebook and Twitter to promote their Groupon deal, which offered a 46% discount on Loge Level seats
for ASU vs. UCLA. Pretty cool, huh?

Another example is Cal Berkeley’s recent participation in Facebook’s new mobile application, Places.
Although I originally heard about them using the check-in function to offer users a chance to create
the human tunnel at a football game, I’ve since found out that they are also using Places to give away
basketball tickets to select users when they check in during football games.

UT Austin, which also has a very well-developed social media presence, is utilizing their The Ideas of
Texas website- get it, like the Eyes of Texas- to directly engage the Longhorn community. The Website
is a place where alumni, students, faculty, etc can go to submit ideas to improve the University. Like
Starbucks’ My Starbucks Idea campaign, UT not only puts the ideas into motion, but also tells the
community each time an idea is implemented via Bill Powers’ blog.

As you can see, universities are doing some great things with social media and Internet marketing.
My only question to you is: if you’re a college graduate, what is your athletics department doing to
try to reach out to you on the Web? Find out, because you might just be missing out on specials and
information that you want to know and might not find out about otherwise!

Brianne Baird

Blog: www.thesocialbrio.com
Tweet: www.twitter.com/socialbrio
Like: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Social-Brio-Marketing/100109176718026

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